The momentum behind community solar has long been on an upward trajectory, but the passage of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and various state incentive measures has accelerated community solar deployment like never before.

With so much opportunity at stake, a wide range of financiers and developers, many who are unfamiliar with the solar industry, are vying for available projects.

Expertise in all Community Solar Project Types

A Preferred Community Solar Partner

Having earned a reputation as a collaborative partner with the ideal mix of real estate, renewable finance and solar development expertise, Luminia is a preferred community solar partner, with projects moving forward in the Northeast, California and Puerto Rico.

Much of our success can be attributed to our unusual advisory-oriented engagement style. Luminia works closely with our development partners starting early in the process in order to provide active guidance for individual projects and markets, and optimize returns for all parties.

As developers ourselves, we understand origination strategy, development best practices, entitlement and interconnection challenges, and provide the ongoing support our partners need to do what they do best. We want to add as much value as possible and help optimize our partners’ development activity through the lens of our financial modeling expertise.

Where Wall-Street-minded financiers tend to be rigid and punitive in their approach, Luminia remains focused on problem-solving and helping our partners navigate challenges that arise. We also provide best-in-class tools and transparency to map out a clear pathway to the financial closing.

We Take a Real Estate Approach

When it comes to property owners, they appreciate Lumina’s ability to approach projects in real estate terms, and not only on the basis of kilowatts and kilowatt hours. In fact, we think a community solar project can often be best described as a real estate transaction wrapped in a solar system. Our modeling, contracts and entitlement processes reflect that perspective. Plus, for those commercial real estate owners who want to pursue community solar projects across their portfolios, Luminia has a proven track record in markets nationwide to simplify community solar development with a single source of multi-jurisdictional financing.

Our real estate expertise also makes us an industry leader in structuring community solar roof, parking lot and land lease agreements. As a community solar tenant occupying a rooftop, parking lot or property, we manage everything related to the system and its power production while property owners realize both economic and community relations benefits.

Luminia’s diverse financing options  better facilitate community solar deployment with access to intermediate and long-term financing that is de-risked and normalized for investors, driving down the cost of capital. Developers and installers can leverage Luminia as a single point of financing for community solar and energy storage projects of 25 MW or less. Luminia works with its partners to maximize project returns for all parties recognizing the unique development needs of each project.

To learn more about working with Luminia, check out our recent projects and contact us to begin the conversation about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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