Luminia collaborates with its partners early in the development process to provide active guidance for individual projects and markets. We provide best in class tools and transparency to map out a clear pathway to the financial closing.

Luminia’s diverse financing options better facilitate community solar deployment with access to intermediate and long-term financing that is de-risked and normalized for investors, driving down the cost of capital. Developers and installers can leverage Luminia as a single point of financing for community solar and energy storage projects of 25 MW or less. Luminia works with its partners to maximize project returns for all parties, recognizing the unique development needs of each project.
Luminia and our partners have community solar projects and small-scale utility solar projects moving forward in the Northeast, California and Puerto Rico.

To learn more about working with Luminia, check out our recent projects and contact us to begin the conversation about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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