We have solutions for all commercial property types including: Office buildings, warehouse and distribution centers, multifamily housing, retail facilities and commercial malls, hotels and resorts, manufacturing facilities, cold storage facilities, agricultural operations, schools and non-profits, life sciences buildings, shopping centers, and more.

Lumina can customize solutions for all ownership structures — whether owner occupied or leased – that reduce operating costs, increase property value, and where applicable, increase tenant retention rates.

Luminia’s approach transforms clean energy and energy efficiency into increased property values while aligning property owner and tenants to increase NOI on commercial assets.

Portfolio Approach

Luminia evaluates commercial portfolios and identifies those properties best suited for solar and energy efficiency projects to save money and meet ESG requirements immediately. Then, we finance, deploy and manage these projects from end-to-end.

We help property owners (i) find the actionable properties in their portfolios, (ii) act as a trusted finance advisor (iii) deliver the project through a best-in-class EPC channel partner network, including an integrated 25-year roof + solar warranty and (iv) monitor and manage the energy production and consumption (with production guarantees) for the life of the system.

Commercial Property and Portfolio Analysis Process


Luminia’s AI-driven property viability assessment tool instantly analyzes single properties and entire portfolios and identifies those properties best suited for sustainability improvements — ranking projects that are immediately actionable, likely to deliver the greatest economic benefit, and that offer the best potential to meet ESG requirements and other business goals.

Request a Property Proposal or CRE Portfolio Scorecard


With multiple financing options to meet the needs of the full spectrum of commercial properties, Luminia empowers all types of commercial and industrial properties to profitably implement energy and sustainability upgrades.

We act as a trusted finance advisor to assess the myriad ownership and financing solutions available.


Renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades involve highly specialized construction, requiring regional expertise and many different contractors. That’s why Luminia partners with our national network of top-rated contractors to ensure consistency, quality, competitive pricing and ease of contracting for all projects.

This unique turn-key approach fast-tracks project delivery, reduces legal costs, ensures greater quality control and allows our commercial real estate partners to offset energy consumption, realize economic upside and achieve ESG targets in a matter of months.

With Luminia, building owners work with a single platform and trusted team of experts to design, build, manage and guarantee sustainability projects for the life of the assets.


Luminia serves as our clients’ long-term, trusted asset management partner — both monitoring and maintaining existing systems as well as identifying new opportunities to ensure we’re continuing to deliver long-term value. It’s a partnership built on trust.

The Luminia platform regularly reviews portfolio and asset performance to identify additional clean energy and sustainability projects based on latest incentives and changes in electric utility costs.

With real-time reporting, we monitor and manage sustainability assets to ensure that they are consistently performing at peak efficiency and optimized to increase revenue, maximize returns and accelerate sustainability outcomes. We deliver transparent, automated reporting and project tracking so our clients can do the same with their stakeholders.

For tenant-occupied properties, Luminia helps property owners create differentiated tenant offerings, making it possible for property owners to realize savings from commercial solar through revenue stream management. Through our platform, property owners can capture energy savings, and regulate how much of those savings they retain and how much they allocate to their tenants.

Our goal is to deliver long-term value, with guaranteed solar power production and energy efficiency gains, enhanced tenant retention and increase property values.

To learn more about working with Luminia, check out our FAQs and contact us to begin the conversation about how we can help you achieve your business and real estate portfolio goals.

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